landscape design

Conceptualization showing all property features along with measurements and types of plants
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Careful planning and execution are at the heart of each project we undertake. This is a win-win for homeowners because our goal is to capture and create the vision of the customer while staying well within the confines of the budget.


The first step is to visualize the wishes of the client and to gather details about family usage patterns, property features and boundaries, existing plants, and environmental conditions.


Using a set of high tech tools such as the aerial map of the property shown below, we are able to develop a conceptual design of the project. (image above right) The design allows the homeowner to make any changes before the fact rather than after and it also serves as a working model for the installation crew.

aerial photo

Aerial photo of property aids in conceptualization
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This project calls for installation of a patio including a raised level. The patio is constructed of Yankee Cobbler block which is pictured below.


Yankee Cobbler patio

Newly constructed patio with Yankee Cobbler Vineyard with quarry blend soldier course
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Our design and construction process seamlessly brings each project from the idea stage to a delightful outdoor living space. Our clients are thrilled with the results.

We make it easy to transform your property into the backyard of your dreams including a very attractive financing option.

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landscape before

Before photo of home and front yard
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In spring of 2013 a homeowner asked us to solve a couple of problems in her front yard.

The homeowner wanted to dress up her front porch with shrubs and install an elegant walkway. Guests and family members were avoiding the front entrance due to poor walkway design.

She wanted to enjoy her front porch and felt that visitors should be attracted to her front entrance. The old walkway was uninviting, particularly in wet weather.

Our task was to reclaim her front porch and create a walkway that people would be drawn to.



project aerial view

Aerial view of property allows the walkway to be designed
according to best use case
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We used a special software program  to get an aerial view of the entire property. This is a great way to gain the total perspective of the surrounding neighborhood.

You can see the relationship to other nearby properties as well as the distance from the street. It’s an excellent way to visualize the most desirable traffic pattern for the new walkway.




landscape plan

Landscape plan

After consultations with the homeowner we developed a planting design along with the dimensions for the new walkway.

Having the design in blueprint form is another way to see the possibilities and to avoid any costly misunderstandings.




With a solid plan in place and all the material at the ready we begin the excavation. Unusable material and soil are taken off-site and replaced with rich loam for the planting bed and compacted stone for the walkway.

walkway and shrubs

Finished walkway set back with shrubs make front entrance open and inviting
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This project is taking shape in September of 2013. The customer wants a raised patio installed in the backyard. As you can see from this before photo, the end result will offer privacy and a comfortable setting for dining.

new patio installation before


The aerial view also shows the privacy aspect. What a perfect setting for a patio!

patio install aerial view

We’ll post developments as this project unfolds.