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Gervais Lawn Care provides Affordable Lawn Care Services to homeowners and businesses in the Merrimack Valley. Our coverage area includes but is not limited to Andover and North Andover to the Northeast and Carlisle, Westford, and Groton to the West.

Your lawn makes a statement and is a source of pride, not to mention curb appeal. That is why families throughout the Merrimack Valley rely on Gervais Lawn Care for professional lawn care service. The use and enjoyment of your lawn all season long is our top priority.

A lush green lawn that remains thick and healthy through spring, summer, and fall is a result of  regular maintenance, adequate irrigation, and of course sunlight. We have no control over the sun but we will make sure your lawn receives TLC and sufficient nutrients at exactly the right times.

We can also totally eliminate the job of watering your lawn while at the same time removing the nuisance of Deer Ticks and Mosquitoes.

Learn more about eliminating nuisance pests and harmful ticks with state of the art irrigation.

Kentucky Bluegrass

The New England climate supports cool season grasses some of which, like Kentucky bluegrass, are perfect in sunny locations but do not grow well in shade and require irrigation in hot weather.




perennial ryegrass


Varieties such as perennial rye grass are a good choice for families with children as they endure traffic. These do not, however, do well in shade.




A fine-leaf fescue does well in shady areas and can withstand dry conditions but is not friendly to heavy foot traffic.



We assess conditions on your property such as sun vs. shade, soil, and whether an irrigation system is present. We also take into consideration whether children or pets are present and the type and volume of traffic.

hydroseed and irrigation

Our team members are always on the lookout for signs of thatch, compaction, and insects. Treatment may be required to address these issues. Core Aeration, for example which is best done in fall or Grub Control – an optional application in summer.

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