Sprinkler in action

Sprinkler in action

Gervais Lawn Care offers Lawn Sprinkler System installation to homes and businesses throughout the North of Boston region including Southern New Hampshire.

A professionally installed Lawn Sprinkler System at your home or business saves you time and ensures that  your lawn will be healthier and less vulnerable to stress. Did you know that a  sprinkler system pays for itself over time?

A Custom Irrigation System designed by Gervais Lawn Care is the most efficient way to deliver the precise amount of moisture your lawns and landscape need to thrive. Not only will you see a substantial reduction on your water bill but the value of your property will go up as well.

During certain times of the year New England has ideal growing conditions. The months when lawns need moisture the most, however, is just when mother nature decides to turn off the natural spigot. The lush green lawns of April and May give way to brown and bare in August and September. Weeds take over once thick carpets and the never ending cycle of weed and seed goes into high gear.

sprinkler-rotorOur professionally installed lawn sprinkler system puts an end to bare patches and weeds taking over your yard. Tangled hoses and mud become a thing of the past so that you, your family, and visitors to your home enjoy your outdoor space, not only in spring and early summer but all summer long.

We install state of the art irrigation systems which deliver water right where you need it and only when it’s required.

Curb appeal is a wonderful thing. Your neighbors and visitors will be impressed not to mention your own delight.


lawn sprinklers installed

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Below are devices and controllers used to manage your lawn sprinkler system. We even have a Solar Powered Hybrid Controller to save money on electricity.

Solar controller and backflow preventer

Solar controller and backflow preventer


irrigation control setup

If your family barbecues and gatherings are broken up by mosquitoes or if you have concerns about Deer Ticks and other pests, we have good news.

Your Lawn Sprinkler System can save the day!

Breakthroughs in technology and in Organic Pest Control now make it possible to IrrigateFertilize – and prevent bothersome insects and pests … through your lawn sprinkler system.

A safe and effective liquid solution is dispensed through your lawn sprinkler system to eliminate troublesome pests. At the same time your lawn receives the exact dose of nutrition it needs … and …if your water is high in iron, it can even get rid of unsightly rust stains.

Learn more about  how a Lawn Sprinkler System installed by Gervais Lawn Care can Fertigate your property Here.

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